Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Achievements - Picking up trash

I've always been a little obsessed about keeping my surroundings neat, tidy and organized. We've always encourage T to help with the housework (even though she tends to create more mess in the process). The funniest thing happened this morning.

T and I were sitting on the sofa watching the morning news together. There was a piece of waste paper on the coffee table. I picked up the paper, crashed it into a ball and left it on the sofa thinking I will throw it later when I finish watching the news.

Without a word, T turned to crawl down the sofa, picked up this waste paper ball, walked to the kitchen, threw it in the bin and came back to sit next to me.

I was indeed very impressed and had to hold back my laugh as I watch her so as not to distract her focus on the job.

Mmh.... is this a domestic goddess in the making?