Monday, May 19, 2008

Book - Excuse Me, A Little book of Manners

This month I have gone book crazy.
Little T is quite good with her manners. Often she is able to say "Please", "Thank you" , "Sorry" without been asked. I came across this book which had all these words in it and thought it would be fun for T to read it. This is her current favorite book. She loves it because she can actually 'read' it.
This book goes something like this :
Left Page : "You broke your sister's toy. What do you say"
Right Page : "I'm Sorry"
I would read the question and she would happily give me the answer. Each time she takes out this book, we will have to read it at least five times before we can put it back on the shelf. I think she gets a great sense of accomplishment when reading this book.
Feeling very motivated by this event, I went crazy and bought about 10 other books for her this month