Sunday, July 27, 2008

Happenings - Week 30, 2008

The summer holidays are here and school is out. 10yrs old cousin "AhBeeJie" doesn't have to attend school so we got her to come to our house during the day to play with T. These days, T spends her days playing all day long with AhBeeJie.

I asked AhBeeJie to help me introduce numbers to T. T can recite 1 - 10 in english, but not in mandarin, nor cantonese. So AhBeeJie's chore of this holiday is to help me teach T to recite 1 - 10 in canto. We will also intend to slowly introduce the written 1 - 10 to T. Our helper used our cookie cutter o make these for her breakfast. I think its an ingenious idea, as T gets to read them and then eat them.

The HK summer sales are here. Its a great time to grab good buys. I popped into H&M and came out with 2 sets of cute matching tops for T and me. I am so pleased about them. Will try to find a chance to wear them with T and post some pic here.