Monday, August 4, 2008

Book - The Moon in my Room

This is the current favorite bedtime story book. The first 2 pages goes like this :

" Night is coming and I know that soon, I'll go to sleep in my cosy room. I'll brush my teeth before going to bed, and pull my PJs over my head."

The story in the book describes the common night time routine of washing up, changing to PJs, kissing goodnight, getting a book to read and falling asleep. So it really sounds like a story about T's own bedtime routine.

The interesting part about the book is that moon on the cover really does light up (battery operated night lamp). All you have to do is to push it gently and it lights up for a minute or 2 before dimming and then turning off by itself. Its a good tool to use to turn of the room's light and just using this nite light to read the book. When we finish the story, T and I will continue to chat for a short while waiting for the light to go off. When the light goes off, I would tell her no more talking time to close eye and sleep and we would then lie quietly in bed till she falls asleep.