Sunday, August 17, 2008

Happenings - Week 33, 2008

T's starting to be rather cheeky and I like it.

When we are reading books, I used to ask her to find pictures in the book like "Where's ball", "Where's doll" etc... This week she started to ask me in return. We would look at the book and she would ask : "Mummy, where's boy" and give me a cheeky look and wait for my answer and give me a big smile when I answer correctly. And we would play this game asking each other alternatively.

Grandma bought her this PPG dress and I am obliged to post a photo of it.

We have to be ever so careful about our language in front of kids cos they pick it up so fast. I already made a mistake of saying 'No Way!" to T many months ago when she was asking to drink our coke and she is still saying it now even though we adults have stopped. We also tell her "Don't do that" when she does something she's not suppose to and yesterday she surprised me again by using it back on me when I tried to stop her from standing up in the bus seat.

T is really starting to use her favorite dolly as her imaginary friend. She would feed dolly, talk to dolly, make dolly wear shoes, change diapers, etc... Recently, she would even sit dolly down next to her and teach dolly how to play with her toys.