Saturday, October 4, 2008

Happenings - Week 40, 2008 - 1st Week of School

T officially started real school this week. Somehow, this time round I am much calmer than last month. I took the whole day off on Monday to be with her. She was pretty excited and happy putting on her uniform, waiting for the bus, lining up to go to class, etc... It was at the point that the teacher took her over and closed the classroom door that she realised I will not be in the class with her and she started wailing. How my heart ached at that moment. Nevertheless, the wailing seemed to have stopped after about 15 minutes. I waited patiently in the canteen for school to finish so that I can see her again. I am glad that the teacher tells me with each passing day, T cries less. Monday was for about 15 mins, Tuesday was for about 5 mins, Wed was a public holiday and Thursday was a for about 3 mins, Friday the school was closed. The good thing is she is still willing to put on her uniform everyday and go to school. I am glad that I could take time off to be with her in school, to wait for her and to reassure her that once class is finished, mummy would be just outside the classroom waiting for her.

We ended the school week by bringing her to Disneyland on Friday.