Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Acheivements - Able to appreciate 2 hours of stage play

In our effort to expose little T to various forms of arts and music, we brought her to a childrens play + a ballet this holiday season.
I was a little cautious about how she would take it all in. If she would like it enough to stay in her seat for the whole show. So our first try was a childrens play. After all a play intended for children should be more lively and catch their attention better. I thought the the play was only 1 hour, but it turned out to be a 2 hours play with no interval. Surprisingly, T did like the lively story and was able to understand it (it was in cantonese). She was very focused during the 2 hours and did keep pointing things out to me as the story went along. "Mummy see, witch", "Mummy see, mum mum, yummy", "Mummy see, gor gor running", "oh oh... gor gor crying....". I was very happy to see her enjoying the show. When we went home, she even took out her broom and starting 'flying' around the house pretending to be the witch.

Her reaction to this canto childrens play gave me enough courage to bring her to a full lenght ballet. T has always seemed interested by dance and music and I was hoping that she will be able to enjoy this as much. The HK Ballet Company was performing "The Nutcracker" with a live Orchestra. We were fortunate enough to get tickets at such last minute. I told T about bringing her to watch dancing and she got excited. Once again, she surprised me by being able to appreciate for the full 2 hours, clapping loudly between each act, and even getting up to tap her feet along to the music towards to end of the play. On our way home, she kept asking me to dance. Mmh.... is it still to let her attend some ballet class?
I am so happy that T is able to appreciate such performance and am looking forward to having her accompany me to more shows in the future.
Next in the the pipe is "The Grafullo" play in Feb and UK Ballet Company performing Alice in Wonderland in March.