Monday, December 8, 2008

Achievements - Various Nov'08

I Love T for what she is now. It may be the terrible two phase, but on most days it is the terrific two for me and her. These are her recent achievement :

Practical Life Skills :
She picks out her own choice of clothes and shoes
She puts on her own socks and shoes
She takes of her own socks and shoes and puts them next to the shoe rack
She tells us when she wants to pee / poo. (We don't use a potty, so she still needs our help to put her on the adult toilet seat)
She wipes herself clean after she pees (we have to follow after to make sure it is really clean)
She brushes her own teeth (we have to do a second round to make sure it is really clean)
She wipes her own face with face towel
She applys her own face cream (California Baby calendula cream)
She applys her own lip balm
She takes off her own jacket when she comes in the house and puts it neatly on the sofa

Social Skills :
She is still shy of strangers and prefers one to one outings rather than big groups
She opens the door for me when I ring the door bell
When she sees me resting, she asks me "Mummy are you tired?, let's go sleep"
She will voluntary give me a big hug and kiss and say "I love you"
She brings Daddy and me our shoes before we go out. This morning she offered to help me wear my shoes.
She can make simple decisions, such as what to eat. We went out for dinner last weekend and I asked her what she would like to eat. She went "err.... (thinking facial expression) noodles!". Then I asked her with pork or chicken, and she went again "err... chicken!". So we ordered her soupy chicken noodles.

Academic Skills :
She is able to recite 1 - 10 in English, Mandarin and Cantonese
She is able to name basic shapes
After 2 months of school, she can now converse in simple Cantonese and recognises that she speaks to me English and Grandpa in Cantonese
She is able to name facial parts in English and Mandarin (eyes, ears, mouth, etc...)

Her little achievements :
Teaser -
How to do carry a bucket of fried chicken, a 6 pack beer and a chair all at the same time when you have only 2 hands.

Answer -
Little T is able to go to the kitchen (after permission is granted) to get her own snack / juice. At times she brings her stool along to help her reach the higher shelves. Last weekend, she took her stool and got both a snack and a pack of juice. Ha ha.... this time she has taken more than her little hands can manage. She kept dropping things when she tried to hold all 3 items, stool, snack and juice in only 2 hands. I watched from a distance to see what she would do. I saw her stand still for a moment to think, then decided to place the stool back down on the floor, put the snack and juice on top of the stool and carried it like a tray out of the kitchen. A smile of triumph on mummy's face.