Tuesday, December 30, 2008

BFIAR - Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear

The BFIAR manual arrived. Actually the difference between express and normal shipping is only 1 week, but cost more than 2 times the price. Hmp... I shall make a note to be less impatient in the future.

The BFIAR manual is not a curriculum, it gives alot of ideas of activities that one can do with a child when reading the recommended books with them. Although the manual does not specify the order of the books to follow, it had Jesse Bear activities first, so I thought I shall follow suit.
Once again I printed all the online resources from "HomeSchool Share" and did some with T. When reading the story, T was entralled by the butterfly. We made a trip to the park, but didn't find any butterflies to catch (do butterflies come out in winter?). I hope I will be able to find time this weekend to make a butterfly craft with her. On the page where daddy bear comes home, T attempts to hug and kiss the picture too. This is what she does when her daddy comes home from work. From this, I start to understand why these books are called living books.

Here's a pic of T being introduced to the letter B.
There are alot more activities that we haven't found time to do yet, as now after my office, travel time is much longer, and thus time at home is shorter. If anyone has ideas on how to be more efficient, pls feel free to drop a line.