Tuesday, May 5, 2009

HomeSchool - Sticker Book

What is it with young kids and stickers. They just seem to love stickers. T received some sticker books from Auntie Christine for Christmas and we had plenty of fun with them. She also enjoyed the Kumon "Let's Sticker and Paste" books. I recently found some nursery worksheets in a local book store. I must say, some of these worksheets really scared me. They expected 3 year olds to be able to identify chinese characters and spell some simple english words. Well, I definately didn't get these books, as I did not see myself being able to teach her at this young age to write and spell.

After digging in the pile, I managed to find something more fun. It was from a Taiwanese publisher. It was a colourful sticker book which helps kids identify colours, shapes, patterns, sequencing, etc... I think this is something both T and I would enjoy and we did. Its easy to take out this book every evening and just do 1 - 2 pages of the activity with T.