Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Let's play more

My MS is good on some days and bad on others. I days when I don't feel so tired, I try to do some simple activities with T at home. Here's T having a go with the Montessori cylinder blocks.

She's pretty good when its just 1 block, but when 3 is put together, she has yet to finish it.

This magnetic playhouse is one of T's favourite toy in recent months. She takes it out quite often to play. This day, I recall an episode in Desperate Housewife where the children in school were requested to draw pictures of their family and they ended up portraying embarrassing images of their family.
I couldn't help feeling that we must be doing something right in our family when I see T playing with her toy family. She puts mummy and daddy sitting on the sofa and 2 children sitting on mummy's and daddy's lap.