Sunday, June 21, 2009

Montessori - Sensorial - Mystery Bag

This week, we tried for the first time the Montessori Mystery Bag activity and it was loads of fun. Read HERE for a full description of this activity.

We started off with the most familiar items that T loved. Her colourful threading beads that she has been playing with for the past year. These beads were 3 dimensional and all the basic shapes were there (there was even a fish shape).

Getting Ready :
Display all the diffrent shapes out and name and feel with eyes closed each one. (We had ball/circle, cube/square, triangle, star, heart, fish)
Activity 1 :
To start off simple, I put just 1 item in the bag without T knowing what it is and she will have to feel it and tell me what it is. We keep repeating until we finished all the shapes.
Activity 2 :
I put all the items in the bag and ask her to feel and bring out only the item that I call for. This is more difficult and requires more focus to get it right.
This activity refines her sense of touch and requires her to be focused in order to feel the correct shapes. We started off very giggly and she kept wanting to peep into the bag. You can repeat the activity introducing the name of the shapes in different language, but we didn't do that yesterday since it was our first try at this and I didn't want to spoil the fun.