Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Joint reading session

Now that T has started to self read, I can have time to catch up on my own reading too. Starting last night, our bedtime routine changed to be like this :

- maid would help to get her ready for bed. IE, brush her teeth, put on diapers, change into pyjamas.

- I will be sitting on the bed wait for her reading my own book at the same time.
- when T is done, she will come to bed and sit next to me with books of her own choice
- surprisingly, last night, she just quietly started to read by herself and did not disturb me reading my book (so nice).
- so we sad there for about 30 mins each reading our own book.
- when she's had enough, she turned to me and asked me to read to her which I gladly obliged.

It was such a nice experience. I hope we can continue this routine.