Sunday, August 9, 2009

I soooo luv to hang out with her

I must say despite all the hardwork trying to balance full time work and being a parent, I am enjoying motherhood very much. I am absolutely grateful that my first born is a girl and she has a personality like T (let's hope I don't change my mind in 10 years time when she is a teenager)
I genuinly love to hang out with T (OK, I don't know if I will still say the same if I had to spend 24/7 with her. But for now, out weekend outings have been mostly fun.)
This Saturday, with the typhoon having just past by Hong Kong earlier in the week, the skies were blue and clear of grey clouds. We enjoyed ourselves so much at the beach the previous week, so we decided to go back there again. And it was even more fun this time round. Probably due to the typhoons lingering nearby, the waves that morning was HUGE. We literally got tossed around by the waves on the surf, and we laughed loudly each time it happened. T had great fun being chased by the waves. She would be playing on the smooth shoreline and then when she noticed a big wave rolling it, she would pick up her spade and bucket and RUN! shouting "Big wave coming!!". It was funny. Sometimes she manage to escape the wave, and sometimes the wave caught her and she would try to maintain her balance as the water wrapped around her legs. There was a few times that the wave was too big and strong and would push her over face down into the sand, but she soon got used to it and just stood up and wiped her face with her bare hands, spit the sand out of her mouth and continued to play again. We spent a good 2 hours just sitting in the surf enjoying the warm water.
I guess what people say that 2nd pregnancy will make you fatter that the 1st one is true. I don't recall being so big at 6 months preggy with T. In fact, I think I only looked this big when T was 8 months in me. Anyways, this meant that my clothes don't fit anymore and time for shopping. Luckily, the summer fashion this season has many wide flora sun dresses. I could purchase cheaply 'non-maternity' clothings that can conceal my expanding tummy and buttocks.
Daddy was kind and patient enough to accompany T and I shopping this Sunday. Actually, it was kind of impromtu. We just went out for a Sunday lunch decided to pay a visit to the fashion street nearby the restuarant. T had lots of fun browsing through the shops with me. She was able to make comments on what clothes she thinks looks nice and what doesn't. (Ok, anything pink with lots of flowers on it looks nice to her). She even suggested a few handbags to me (probably cos the bags were hanging on a low rack accessible to her). We went home with a couple of bags in toll and had fun trying on the clothings at home. T even put on a short dress she picked out for me and started dancing and twilling around the house in it.