Thursday, May 22, 2008

HomeSchool - Flash Cards

During my confinement, I read the following Glenn Dorman books

- How to teach your baby to read

- How to teach your baby maths

- How to give your baby Encyclopedic Knowledge

I give up the idea on teaching math, cos it seems a little eerie to me to have a 'Rainman' type of child who can look into a box of matches and immediately tell me how many are in there.

We tried flashing english words for about a month and I gave up cos it required too much effort and discipline to keep a record of words done, flash sequence and rotation period, etc... It was also kind of cumbersome to find the time to pull the cards out and keep them 3 times a day.

Instead of using flash cards, I now display 5 new words every week. (Actually, I will put the english words + chinese translation, so should be 10 words total). These words with pictures are hanged up in our dining area. As and when we feel like it, I would just carry T up, point and read the words to her. At times she would repeat after me. On some days T would proactively walk up to this wall and call me over to read the words with her.

For me, it doesn't matter if she actually memorizes the word or not. What's important is to nuture in her a love for reading and learning.

I think now she can tell the difference between alphabetical words and chinese characters. Cos when we point to the different words, the tone of her gibbering definately sound different.