Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Acheivements - Reasoning

It has been raining cats and dogs in HK for the past 2 weeks. As a result T can now say 'umbrella' clearly. She is always fighting to hold the adults umbrella when we go out, so coincidentally daddy and I each bought her an umbrella on the same day. So now she has 2 umbrellas of her own.

She likes the umbrellas so much that she would play with them in the house. On Tuesday, she was playing with her floral umbrella, and this conversation took place -

T : Mamee... umbrella (holding floral umbrella with one hand and pointing into the other umbrella hanging in the kitchen with the other hand)
Mum : You already have one umbrella dear, why do you need the other one? (I usually try not to let her play with too many toys at the same time)
T : B'cos that's Mickey (still pointing to the other umbrella in the kitchen)

I was shocked and defeated. It is true that the 2 are not the same, one is floral print and the other has Disney's Chip and Dale on it.

Mum : Yes, you are right dear. They are not the same. (Walking to the kitchen) This one does have Mickey on it. (Passing her the 2nd brolly) Here you go.

I hope that was just a one off incident that she can answer by coincidence. It is far too early to have to start to reason everything with a 20 month old.