Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Book - Counting Kisses

This is our favorite book at the moment. (It keeps changing every other week).

It counts down kisses on different parts of the body. One page of it goes " 10 little kisses on teeny tiny toes". And I will kiss each of little T's delicious toes. As I read on, I will kiss the various parts. This is our bed time story book this week.

After a few nites of reading this book, now T is on standby mode when we pick out this book. She lies on the bed, lifts her feet and wriggle her toes, anticipating for me to read the first page and she can stick her toes up my face. She will also ask me to kiss her dolly too.

Last nite I tried to be lazy and read without getting up to kiss her hands, eyes, ears, etc..., she took the hint and come up and kiss mine instead.