Sunday, June 1, 2008

Montessori - Practical Life Skills - Washing Hands

Our Montessori program started this week. Most of the lessons where recommended for toddlers aged 30 months and above. There were only 3 which were written as appropriate for 24 months on. I decided to start her on these first.
We've been trying to teach her to wash her hands by herself.
- pulling the stool against the sink
- turning on the tap
- wetting her hands
- soaping her hands (we will have to pump the soap into her hands, she's not strong enough to pump)
- rinse her hands
- turn off the tap
- get down the stool
- dry her hand on the hand towel
- put the stool back into the corner

She is now able to do most part of the routine. Sometimes she gets so excited that she will finish the routine and start all over again immediately. And sometimes she gets so excited about running out to eat her cookie, that she forgets to dry her hands and put the stool back.