Sunday, June 1, 2008

Happenings - Week 22, 2008

The weather is starting to turn warm. We indulge in an ice cream every now and then to lower the heat. Since T is turning 2 soon, we thought it is about time to introduce her to this sinful treat too.

I recall one of my favorite games when I was young was to play hide and seek and I simply loved hiding in the wardrobe. Some crazy part of me made me teach little T how to do this. Somehow I know I will regret it soon. (Especially when a long forgotten half eaten banana is left rotting in the pocket of my best coat.

She still likes to eat crispy fried capelin fish. One of her little quirks is to look for the fish head, bite it of first and offer the remains of the fish body to us.

This is how she spends her busy day running her home business?
Overall, it has been another wonderful week !