Sunday, June 22, 2008

Happenings - Week 24 - 25, 2008

T built a brick tower almost as tall as her.

Daddy bought T a tricycle.

If you look carefully, you can see her garage with her other cars and planes.

I wonder when will Daddy by me a new house to put all these things in.

Daddy also bought a bubble blowing machine. We had great fun at the park with it. I was surprised that T was nimble enough to climb up this entrapment and come down the slide all by herself.

I think I got bitten by a baking bug this month. But T and I had great fun in the kitchen. She can actually stay interested by all the scooping, pouring, mixing, kneading, etc.... for almost 45mins. T likes baking very much too. She actually went to the kitchen this morning and said this : "Mummy... come... (waves at me to come to the kitchen), egg... (points to the eggs I have left on the kitchen top), bake.... Here's what we made these two weeks. Most of them are yummilicious.
When she get tired and is ready for bed, on a good day she will come up to me and say "Mummy... Sleep..." When we get on the bed she will say "Read a book". When we finish the book, I will tell her, "ok its time to sleep now. Close your eyes. " And she will pull up her blanket and close her eyes. This doesn't happen everyday, but it happens often enough to make me feel really blessed.
T has really been the child of my dreams. Before I had her, I have always imagined the days that my kids and I will spend baking together, and reading together. She is barely 2 yrs and we are enjoying doing such things together. Thank you God for blessing me with such a gift.