Saturday, July 26, 2008

Acheivements - Potty Training Part 2

I didn't really read up alot on Potty Training. I guess, I have to thank my domestic helper for the success we've had. She actually really didn't mind cleaning up the little puddles of accidents and never ever made a fuss about them. For T, I guess she gradually understood what it means when she gets the funny feeling in her bladder. (Sorry Rina, if this wasn't much help).

But we did try to make a big fuss when she successfully pee peed into the toilet bowl. We would praise her, give her hugs & kisses, say bye bye to the pee pee when we flush the toilet and give daddy a call to tell him about it. I guess all these positive fuss also encouraged her to pee in the toilet. (not to mention she also gets to play a short while with bubbles when she washes her hands.

She likes Mickey, so we got her panties with Mickey prints on them. The first day I brought them home, she actually tried to wear all 6 of them at the same time.

This week she did have a few accidents and wasn't so keen on going to the toilet like previously. Especially when she is playing, she would be very reluctant to drop her toys and go pee pee. So I will have to remind her every hour to go pee pee and bring her to the toilet to 'induce' her.

Nevertheless, we did try to take a few short trips diaperless this week. We went to the playground a few times, and also to grandma's place, and also to a restuarant for dinner. When we are out, I will try to bring her to the toilet every 1 - 1.5 hrs , even if she doesn't ask to go.

She still wets her diaper during her nap and nite sleep, so I don't think I will attempt total diaperless until she's older.