Sunday, July 13, 2008

Achievements - Potty Training

Actually, we didn't intentionally plan on potty training T. It all started about a month ago when the weather started turning hot and humid and she developed bad nappy rash on one cheek of her bum. No amount of cream would make the rash go away and she made it worse by scratching it all the time.

As a reasult, I asked the maid to leave T diaperless during the day and we got her to wear panties instead. For us, this unscheduled potty training came in the following stages :

  1. She would pee and we will discover the puddles when we step on them (Somehow we were lucky that we didn't have any accidents on the sofa or bed). We will just tell her nicely to try to tell us when she wants to pee.

  2. She would pee and stand still in her puddle and say loudly 'pee pee'. We would then pick her up and bring her to the potty and try to 'induce' (by whistling) her to continue peeing. We would also nicely remind her that she should try to tell us before she pees and not after.

  3. She would tell us when she wants to pee and we will bring her to the potty and she has successfully not had any 'accidents' in the past 3 days.

We still let her wear diapers when we are outdoors and definately during bed time.