Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happenings - Week 44, 2008

I bought some food cutters from Japan earlier this month and used to them cut T's pancake this weekend.
We made another batch of steamed milk cupcakes on Sunday. I can see her getting more confident around the kitchen, improving her muscle coordination and eye judgement skill with all the pouring, sifting, stirring etc... I am hoping to let T try things out in the kitchen every weekend. (Not sure if I can find enough energy to persist)

This year's Halloween is alot more fun! Well... reflecting on the earlier post of excessive buying, I decided to let her wear the same costume as last year. We organised a little toddler party at the void deck with a few other kids from our block. We made Jack-O-Lantern cookies, blue berry muffin & agar agar. The other families brought some other food. We enjoyed ourselves so much and the kids were making so much noise that it attracted some other families to look down their windows and decided to come and join us too. The party only ended at 9:30pm, as it was getting too late to be noisy in public.