Friday, January 30, 2009

BFIAR - The Big Green Pocketbook

I think we are almost done with Jesse Bear and had to choose a second book to start. The second book in the manual was The Little Rabbit, but the story itself didn't interest me very much. I must admit that I do find it a little straining to try to be discipline and keep up the BFIAR homeschool work. In order to maintain my motivation, I needed a story that is more fun to read and play along. Therefore, I choose The Big Green Pocketbook. This story is about a little girl's day out with her mummy. T and I go out quite often. This is something that we can relate to and talk about. The girl in the story doesn't have a name, so I named her T. We enjoyed reading the book together and talked alot about her journey, all the places she visited and T was very interactive during our nightly reading sessions. I think I made the right choice to continue with this book as No. 2.

It so happened by coincident that we spotted a really cute handmade handbag in a little back alley shop on Lamma Island. I couldn't resist getting it for her. I hope her liking for this bag will last and it will be one that you can use for months (hopefully years) to come. So here is her own 'pocketbook', she happily carried it for the whole Lamma trip (as you would notice in the photos) and manage to store a few souveniours in her bag (just like the little girl in the story). We let her keep her boat ticket in the bag and I shall keep this ticket to include in her lapbook. We even visited a costume jewelry shop and she walked out with a little beaded ring (girl in story had a keychain).