Sunday, February 15, 2009

BFIAR - Jesse Bear , Lap Book

Here is the lapbook we did after we completed the Jesse Bear recommended list of activities. Most of the resources were taken from "HomeSchool Share".

We cut and paste the good that Jesse bear had for his lunch. I did the cutting, T did the pasting on the paper plate. We learnt the name of the food. But T is still confused between apple and pear.

Here's the hide and seek bear bear game. We coloured the bear face together and I 'laminated' them by taping them with sticky tape cos the paper tend to get torn easily with our rough play.
Learn name of colour.
Learn counting the number of bear face.
Learn prepositions

Recall what did Jesse bear wear in the morning. Recognise red and blue colour

Introduced the letter B. T cut out pictures of things that begin with the letter B. (boat, baby, bath, bear, ball, beach, butterfly). We also sang a letter B song that she learnt from her school.

Talked about the different kinds of clothings that people wear on different weather and did some colouring and pasting.

Played dress up with paper puppet and coloured the puppet's clothings together.

Learnt some rhyming words, but I don't think she 'got' this one. It was more just naming the picture card for her. Maybe we will revisit this activity when she is a little older.

The above are the activities that we managed to do. Here are some other ideas that came to my mind but I never got around to doing them.
  • Go to the market and shop for the food that Jesse bear ate. This will let the child see and taste what the real food is like.
  • Do a print painting with the good. Eg. sprouts should give a pretty print.
  • T really liked the picture of Jesse bear catching the butterfly. I really wanted to do a butterfly craft with her, but just never managed to find the time to prepare the materials and do it with her.