Sunday, February 15, 2009

BFIAR - The Big Green Pocketbook, Part 2

This is the lapbook and activities that we did for 'The Big Green Pocketbook'. We haven't finished all the activities yet, so we shall be adding more into this lapbook as we go along.

We had the day trip to Lamma Island and bought T her own 'pocketbook' to put her 'memories' in. Its been 2 weeks now and she still like this bag and brings it along when we go out on the weekends.

Identified the names of the things that the girl in the story had in her pocketbook. Show T what a real calendar looks like and explained its use. (but I don't think she understood).
Asked her to recall the things the girl had in her bag and let T put it into her 'paper' bag when she recalled them correctly.

Coloured scoops for ice cream and had lots of fun 'eating' them.
1. identify colours
2. count numbers
3. concept of addition and subtraction as we 'ate' the ice cream and 'refilled' the cone
4. proper manner, as we asked daddy and helper if they would like to have some ice cream

Coloured paper cut outs of a box of crayons. Tried to identify colours. T still cannot name colours. Also did these :

1. pairing the same colour
2. hide and find the crayons
3. counting the crayons

We identified some things that were green and painted them. I assisted her using the scissors to cut our the pictures and she pasted them in the book.

We can probably make a little pocket in this and continue to insert pictures of green coloured things as we find them in our daily activities.

Since there was so much green in this book, I got the idea teach T how to make green colour. We squeezed a blob for blue paint and yellow point into a ziplock bag and she squashed it all around and see how it gradually turns green (I think there was too much blue, cos our green turned out very dark)

We also went to the bank on a weekend and she got to see the bank teller counting the coins she saved.

I had the idea of bringing her to the laundrymat and asking the lady there to show her how the rotating clothes hanger works, but I haven't got round to doing that yet.