Thursday, March 5, 2009

Achievements - speaking in complete sentences

Here's 3 short sentence that she said recently when her Aren gor gor (cousin) took her favorite dolly.

"Hey, what ya doing"
"That's my dolly"
"Give it back"

Here's some 4 syllabus words that she been saying (but not accurately though)
"Alicelator" = escalator

T has a bit of domestic goddess trait in her. Whenever she gets bored at restuarants she will take out piece of tissue and start cleaning the walls and furniture. This evening she was happily wiping the mirrored wall in the restuarant, out of the blue, she used the same wet tissue and attempted to wipe her face. Appalled, I managed to stop her in time and explained to her the tissue is dirty after wiping the walls and she should not use the same piece on her face. She replied with a simple loud "DISGUSTING".

faintz.... the diners from the other table looked over. I could only take it in stride and replied calmly "Since you know its disgusting, please don't do it again". She replied OK.