Monday, March 2, 2009

Bento - Week 09, 2008

Seems like making cute lunch boxes is a up and coming fad in Singapore. A few of the Sep'06 mums have been talking about bentos on their blogs and these cute lookings things just give a new meaning to 'eye candy'. Thanks to the links that Joon put on her site, I was able to read up on how to 'Bento' and pluck up enough courage to give it a try.

First feeble attempt was for Saturday's lunch. Must say it was a disgrace. Won't even bother to call it a bento. It was more like types of food thrown together in a lunchbox and decorated with plastic picks and cut outs. While.... T did eat up the 4 apple stars I cut out using out cookie cutter.

Being upset with the disgrace of my first attempt, I put more effort into making a dinner bento. This bento was for my 10 yr old niece. I figured I needed more encouragement to carry on and was sure the 10 year old would give me more recognition for my hard work. (more truthfully, the 10 yr old was more attracted to cartoon characters). With a little threat, AhBeeJie did finish up the whole Bento. Yeah !!! (I blackmailed that I won't make her another Winnie the Pooh bento if she doesn't finish everything in this Hello Kitty one)

As a side joke, my domestic helper was 'whining' as I made the bentos. Too much mess to clean up after. I hinted to her my office lunch box should look like these too and she told me she will have to wake up so early to do them that she will probably be half asleep and end up pouring washing detergent into the food.