Monday, March 2, 2009

Happenings - Week 09, 2009_Rosaryhill Games Day

It was the Rosaryhill Kindergarden Games Day on 25-Mar. I recall my own games day on our primary school and they were very fun memories. It was exciting to wait for this day to join in such innocent fun again. I love seeing T's classmates and all the little children playing together.

It was not competitive at all. I guess the kids were too little to compete in sports. The school organized several stations have interactive physical games (throwing bean bags, transferring toys, etc...). Every child just did them at their own pace, no worries about how and what the team next to you is doing.

Once again, T was a little slow to warm up to the crowd and the noise, but we did manage to complete a few exercise together. By noon, the weather was too hot and both T and I were starting to feel lethagic and worn out. She practically dropped the tools on the track and walked off when she had enough of it. Poor mummy could only apologise and run after her.

We went back to the shaded podium and sat down for drinks and snacks. At this time her Japanese classmate's mummy took out an authentic Japanese kiddy bento and ooo.... what was inside was so cute. Seeing an authentic japanese kiddy bento in real life by 'real' mummy made me decided that it is something I can try to.