Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happenings - Week 11 & 12, 2009

These 2 weeks had been super busy with work with preparations for year end closing, so we were not able to do too much at home. No new games or homeschool activities were introduced since I didn't have time to prepare any.

On 11/Mar it was the Parent Child Activity Day at Rosaryhill School. It means 1 parent can join the child in class that day. I took the afternoon off to attend and it was really worth it. We were really able to sample the full curriculum of a normal school day for T. I must say that after attending this day, I am more sure that we have made the right choice for her school. For the 2 year old pre nursery class they don't do too much of academic stuff, but there were lots of music, dance, story telling, craft work, etc... I really enjoyed the 3 hours spent there. It was great fun to see the little children play together and I even could chat with the other kids in T's small group during craft time.

That weekend was our office stock take so that means no time to spend with T.

Just last week we had lots of foreign visitors to our office, so that means lots of late night for me. Almost didn't see T until Thursday night. I think we really missed each other. She was like a baby koala on me the whole evening, but we made up for it over the weekend.

One of the best time to bond is our shower time. We would sing in the tub, scrub each others back and play with the suds. I hope our next one will also be a girl so the 3 of us can squeeze in the tub together.

We also had a playdate with a Singaporean boy on Sunday. Augustine and his family lives in the same estate as us. His daddy teaches at the Singapore International School. We made choco chips cookies together. Again, I was too focused on the kids and my hands were too dirty to use the camera, so no photos. Sorry.