Monday, April 13, 2009

Happenings - Week 13, 14, 15

Sorry of the lack of post, these past 3 weeks has been soooo tiring with all the changes going on in our lives.

Firstly, our domestic helper is on her vacation so we are left to fend for ourselves. I started with some big ambitious plan of getting up early every morning to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner using our slow cooker, thermal pots and electronic rice cooker. The strategy was that I prepare the raw food every nite before going to bed, wake up early in the morning and put them to start cooking in the 'smart' cooking appliances before leaving for work. Then HB can just scoop them out from the pots for lunch and dinner with T.

I even spent half a day researching for easy recipes.

Haha... like real ! It worked for 1 day and that's the end of my great big plan.

I was so exhausted at the next day that a big bad flu bug got the better of me. This bug was really big and bad. It had our whole family coughing and feverish for a whole week. I took MC from work, but couldn't do much at home except sleep. Lucky for us HB was the stronger and was still able to take care of T and I. We had to visit the doctor 3 times that week to get more medic and leaves. Due to my present condition, I avoided taking the medics and just relied on bed rest to get better. T took her medics and took about 10 days to recover. We let her skip school and stay home those 2 weeks as she was coughing incessantly and having a running nose too.
It was so tiring to have to clean up her vomit from the bed after her chokes on her night bottle. I think we changed our bedsheets and blanket cover almost every night that week.

It was also these 2 weeks that my MS became stronger. I wouldn't use the word worse, cos it is really nothing compared to when I was carrying T. With T, it was morning, day and night sickness. Puking several times a day and feeling down all day long. Really can't complain much this time. Was feeling perfectly OK until 2 weeks ago when appetite dropped and mild urges to throw up occasionally. It was only made worse when it was coupled with my constant coughing. Whenever I cough, the urge to throw up became stronger. I guess the flu virus + the MS peak during 6 to 12 week was a unlucky combination.

As such, we were really unable to do much at home the past weeks. No outings, no homeschooling, no activities. We were just 3 lazy bum bum, sitting in front of the TV all day long and taking 2 naps a day. Cooking was minimal, as I also can't stand the sight or smell of it. We ended up catering most meals. Both T and I lost a bit of weight.

T is now fully recovered. She is no longer coughing. I still cough at night (makes it really difficult for our bedtime stories). Our domestic helper is back and she is such a god bless and the kitchen and toilet is clean once again. I pray that my MS will start mellow down and I can regain my appetite and energy and restart our homeschooling.

On the bright side, I have managed to make a new arrangement at work. By re-structing the department, I can now transfer out some responsibilities, start and finish work 1 hour earlier, cut down travelling time by half and reach home by 6:15pm. YIPPEE !!!