Sunday, June 21, 2009

1st Trip to Ocean Park

Actually we live only 3 bus stops away from Ocean Park. I still haven't figured out why we didn't make a trip there till last month. That was T's first trip to Ocean Park. On the Saturday morning, we woke up to beautiful weather and my MS seemed to be a bay for the day. Daddy suggested why not go to Ocean Park. It was 9:30 in the morning, we finished our breakfast and we had 1 hour to pack, change and leave to house by 10:30 (the park opens at 10:30). The weather was really nice. Warm, but not too hot, dry and windy. As we arrived early, the crowds were not there yet and the queues to the attractions and rides were relatively short (10 - 20 mins). We took our time in the gold fish musuem and deep ocean aquarium. T had a great time taking photos of everything she saw. Lunch was at a sea view restuarant where we had a great view of Repulse Bay (about 15 mins taxi ride from our home). I will certainly miss the beaches and view of Hong Kong when we move out. By 1 pm it started to get hotter and T was noticably tired out and needed a nap, so we headed home for a cold shower and nap time.