Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Budding Cinematographer

These are some creations from our budding photographer. She has inherited our 1st digital camera purchased some 7 years ago. Last year we finally upgraded our digicam even though the old one was working perfectly fine. We kept our old camera not knowing to sell it off (probably no buyers since it is really OOOOld), or to give it away. Then it dawned upon us that since T is always wanting to handle our new camera (no way ! we already had to send it for maintenance once cos she damaged the lens mechanism), we might as well let her have one of her own. After a few days of practise and dozens of spoilt pictures (never mind if she keeps taking and taking, easy to delete away) her technique improved alot and she has learnt to aim accurately at her target objects and wait for the right moment to push the button. Now this camera is part of her personal possession, place on her shelf so she has free access to it anytime she wishes and she knows how to ask for our help when the battery runs flat.