Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dramatic Arts - Pirates 77

We watched a Cantonese children during the Easter holidays that I haven't post about.
This is a new play written and performed by the local children's performing arts group PIP.

'Pirates 77', the latest production by the PIP Theatre Kids, highlights their yearly 'Be Positive' theme. Given the current social situations and the associated challenges that demand us of optimism, 'Pirates 77' presents its timely tale about living on fresh courage. The educational, high-quality children musical thus would appeal to a family audience,

Story Background of 'Pirates 77'
'There is nothing better than traveling - except traveling as a pirate,' says the Pacific turtle.
As one of the world's most notorious gangs of pirates with a track record of victories through generations, the Dragons have spread fear across oceans and lands far and wide with their speed, cleverness, cunning and brutality, leaving a mark on the history of navigation. Having lived off the riches of their ancestors for centuries, the Dragons, now at their 77th generation, has exhausted their legacy and face an inevitable downfall despite their extravagant appearance. Humiliated by the retired seagull, despised by the old mermaid and with no more than five loaves and two fish left for their last supper, the head of family decides it's time for the Dragons to return and make the world tremble with horror again. Their target: the oil tanker.

Tonight, in the darkness of the rough sea, the 77th-generation Dragons take over the oil tanker with their super powers. They open the tank, only to discover...
'Pirates 77' is the latest children's musical by PIP Theatre Kids in 2009. Like 'Villain Village' and 'Moon 7.5', it is an educational and entertaining spectacle in which a tale of riches, hardship, courage and nautical adventure is told with the liveliest and most imaginative means on stage - an excellent chance for grown-ups and kids to gather for a cheerful boost of courage in the face of the adversity and anxiety that surround us today.

Frankly, both T and I didn't like the play. I literally feel asleep halfway through it and thankfully AhBeeiJie was there to keep an eye on T who kept asking to leave about 30 mins into the show. We did manage to sit patiently till the end of the show and left as soon as the curtains were dropped. I think the storyline is too heavy for a young child to understand, the costumes and stage was not all that attractive.

I think thats enough dramatic arts exposure for the last 6 months and we shall take a long break before attempting to go watch another one.