Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Neighbourhood Buddies

I think very kid should have some neighbourhood buddies. In the current society, it is a norm that our front doors are kept closed all day and we don't know our neighbour's name. How I miss the good old days when all the kids on the block would gather at the void deck every evening and we would play hide and seek or police catch thief with a group of 10 or more running all 13 floors of the block.

Gor Gor Felix and Boobie are T's neighbourhood buddies. We live in the same block and every evening after dinner, T will have about an hour of play time at the lift lobby with Felix and Boobie (not to mention enjoy the free air con at the lobby). At times we will have play dates at each others place.

Unfortunately their family will be moving away soon, and so will we at the end of the year. Hope we will manage to keep in contact after we move.