Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Achievements - Drawing

T seems to have grown very fond of doodling. Over the past week, she started to draw intentionally and will tell us what she is drawing (never mind if it actually looks like the item or not). She will say "Mummy, see... circle", "Mummy, see.... apple" , "Mummy, see... ice cream", etc....

I asked our helper to let her paint this afternoon since T did not have a chance to paint for the past week. I was nicely surprised by how 'nicely' T has started to paint. Notice the difference in the wall painting she did last month and her drawing this week. You can see that she is no longer just scribbling or brushing mindlessly, but really making out individual items (whatever they are) with care and intention.

I must make it a point to include creative art time into her new weekly routine.