Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy Birthday!!! You are 2 years old

Last year we planned well in advance for T's birthday. I took a whole week off work and we spent a few days in Hong Kong Disneyland. She had Mickey Mouse bringing out her birthday cake.

This year, work was very busy in the office. Initially I wanted to take the week off again to spend quality time with her. However, I have important meetings this week and cannot absent myself and had to spend the whole week preparing for the meeting instead. Thus, no time was left to spend with, nor plan for T's birthday.

I thought about making her a cake with her last night, but got off work too late. This morning my helper handmade a birthday poster and pasted in our living room. I felt guilty of not doing more as mother. This is only my second year as her mother and I am already starting to get complacent.

I was uneasy the whole morning, feeling very guilty about not making a bigger effort to do something for T's birthday. After the last of the meetings ended in the morning, I made up my mind and took the afternoon off. Rushed to the supermarket, picked up some ingredients, made some calls to invite HK grandma & grandpa, & AhBeeJie's family over for dinner to celebrate together.

Here's the birthday cake I made for T which she helped to decorate

Since we are not into throwing big parties and inviting friends over, I made some extra personalized cupcakes for T's playpals in the block and we went door to door to deliver them.

Although it was really a last minute impromtu birthday celebration, I think T really enjoyed helping to decorate the cupcakes, wearing party hat and playing with the balloons.

Dear Darling T, Thank you for choosing us to be your mummy and daddy.