Monday, September 15, 2008

Happenings - Week 38, 2008 (Back in Singapore)

This has been another eventful week. We took a long weekend and went back to Singapore to visit Great Grandma & Grandma.
I was in a rush on Wed morning to get ready to go to the airport express, check in luggage, get boarding passes and head off to work. (Hong Kong has a city check in facility which is just next to my office where one can check in their luggages, get their boarding passes and not have to worry about anything else except make it to the gate by boarding time. I usually check in my luggage in the morning, and go back to work before taking the night flight back to Singapore)
T woke up as I was taking my breakfast. I told her nicely that mummy's busy and in a rush this morning, so she needs to go brush teeth and wash face by herself. We need to hurry up to go to the airport express station. Surprising, she replied "OK" and walked to the bathroom, took her stool, got up next to the sink and really took out her toothbrush to brush her teeth with water (she haven't learnt how to squeeze her toothpaste). I watched her silently from behind and didn't want to distract her, so I didn't take a photo/video of this.
This is the first time T will get her own seat on the flight, she is no longer considered an infant. We got her her own pull along luggage for this trip. She was very happy to be responsible for her own hand luggage and pulled it by herself all the way in the airport and even down the aisle in the plane to her seat. It was a good way to keep her occupied and not ask us to carry her.
- T pulling her own luggage at the airport

- enjoying her fries while waiting to board at the gate

- the new statue of liberty?? (or plea for aircon or at least the fan pls after shower to keep cool and dry....)

- initially we planned to go to the zoo on Friday with some other Sep '06 mums and babes, but was rained in instead. Bren was nice enough to offer us to meet up at her place instead. Here's T, Arianne & Sophie playing peekaboo on the sofa. Its really nice to see how Sophie and Arianne plays with each other. Hope T can join more of such gatherings in the future.

- T & A drawing

- We planned a very relaxed schedule this trip, mainly meeting friends in the morning, visiting Great Grandma in the late afternoons, and back home to get ready for bed by 9pm. This allowed us time to take buses and MRT instead of always relying on taxi (not to mention that taxi fare in Singapore is really getting expensive)

- we visited great grandma every afternoon, thank you to all the lovely sisters and volunteers who take care of the aged there. It is also heartwarming to see the joy that little T (or any other child for that matter) brings to these lonely old people by tiny actions, such as shaking their hands, waving hi, blowing out a flying kiss, etc... It really got me thinking about bring T to do volunteer work when she is a little older and immune system is stronger.

- Grandma was busy the whole of this week helping out with the fund raising at church. T joined her on Sunday at the street stall to sell handphone ornaments.

- read so much about Fidgets from the blogs of other mummies. Finally made a trip down there this afternoon. I found some of the slides rather scary (too high and fast for me), but apparently T thought nothing of them and after 1 try out with me carry her, she just went off and repeated by herself
- our flight back got cancelled and UA put us on Thai airline with a 1 hour stopover in Bangkok instead. So we ended up having authentic Thai food in Bangkok for lunch.

- T was getting better and better at pulling her luggage along, I will highly recommend parents travelling with toddlers to get them their own hand luggage as it helped me to keep her walking orderly and out of mischeive in the airport

- thanks you hubby for patiently joining us in all the 'boring' visits during this trip